Office of Student Life

College in Columbus


Philanthropy is a voluntary action for the common good. Whether giving time, talent or treasure, a culture of philanthropy is characterized by generosity, appreciation and community. Philanthropy can be a scholarship empowering you to earn your degree, a morning spent playing music with incarcerated youth or a kind thank you note to your favorite professor.  Our culture of philanthropy is defined by the generosity and gratitude of Buckeyes in Columbus and around the world.

Student Philanthropy Council

The mission of the Student Philanthropy Council is to ensure that Ohio State students are educated and engaged in philanthropy, aware of how private gifts impact student life and able to express gratitude for their collegiate opportunities. SPC members get a close-up look at Advancement work at Ohio State, through marketing and campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the role that philanthropy plays at the university. Events include:

  • Philanthropy Speaker Series
  • BuckeyeLove
  • Day of Giving
  • Thank a Donor Day